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Chateau Saveilles presents Opèra Clandestin - August 9th 2019 - Summer recital - Book quickly - Presale on BilletWeb

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Opéra Clandestin - August 9th 2019

Saveilles - Opéra Clandestin - Récital d'été
Chateau Saveilles introduces Opéra Clandestin

Chateau Saveilles presents Opéra Clandestin


Opéra Clandestin, a company of opera artists whose goal is to popularize opera through the creation and distribution of opera performances, this year proposes, in partnership with Chateau Saveilles, a summer recital on August 9th. This event aims to publicize the tourist heritage in North Charente through cultural events. 


During this day, it will be proposed at 5.30 pm, the visit of the chateau followed by a walk in the park. Participants will have the opportunity to bring a picnic basket to eat before the recital which begins at 8.00 pm.


Accompanied by pianist Jeanne Vallée, the voices of Lucie Emeraude, soprano, Sophie de Guerry, mezzo-soprano, and Louis Zaitoun, tenor, will perform excerpts from operas: from laughter to drama, from charm to tears, these repertoires too often kept secret in the walls of the lyrical will as well delight lovers as convert the uninitiated.


This beautiful music is savored with a drink in hand: a pineau tasting is planned at the end of the show.




To participate in the event

Online previews on billetweb until August 8, 2019.


On-site and online bookings within the limits of places available on August 9th.


Warning, the number of places is limited!


About Opera clandestin  


Founded in late 2014 by Sophie de Guerry and Lucie Emeraude in order to bring opera to new audiences, the Company offers a playful and accessible approach, part of the vocal tradition while being creative in the staging. The shows, rhythmic and theatrical, are given as well in theaters as in unusual or popular places. The association has thus allowed many artists to perform and tackle major roles in this repertoire.

Limited seats. Book quickly!


For a guided tour:

Heritage days - September 20th, 21th & 22th 2019

Aerial View - Heritage days 2018 - Chateau Saveilles - Saveille - Group Castle Tour - Family Castle Tour - Renaissance Castle
Aerial view of the castle - Château de Saveilles ©photo-owner

We inform Chateau Saveilles will participate, and will welcome you for a guided outdoor tour of the chateau & the interior of the chapel.


Opening hours (Friday, Saturday& Sunday):

      10.00 to 12.00 a.m. -     Guided tour at 11.00 a.m.

        2.00 to   6.00 p.m. -     Guided tour at 2.00, 3.30 and 5.00 p.m.        


Entry including guided tour admission

Payment accepted at entrance (cash only)

Heritage days2018 - Château de Saveilles - Saveille - Visite de château groupe - Visite château en famille - Château de la Renaissance
Heritage days 2018 - © Ministère de la Culture / L'Atelier Cartographik

Guided tour & Balloon flight from the park of the Chateau

 Contact our partner balloonist for a flight from the Chateau park, an unforgettable flight over the Chateau as you've never seen, and continue at the mercy of air currents over the Charente countryside: different landscapes, small countryside churches and magnificent chateaus fill your eyes and you will keep a lasting impression!
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