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Vue générale / General overview - Château fort Charente - Château de Saveilles - Saveille - Château en Charente - Visite guidée groupe - Visite guidée famille
General overview - Château de Saveilles ©photo-propriétaire

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At the origins ...

The Seigneury of Saveilles predates the construction of the castle.


The first mention of this name that we know, is found in the founding article of the priory of Our Lady of CHATEAU-LARCHER, near Vivonne, south of Poitiers, by EBBON, qualified Count of Poitou and Duke of Guyenne, son of Adelaide de France, daughter of King Louis le Begue, Ode, his wife, and Achard, his son. The foundation of this priory dates from the year 969 (Cartulary of St Cyprien of Poitiers).

Discovering a castle

Castle in north-Charente, Saveilles combines the characteristics of the castle with those of the plaisance castle, and stands since the 14th century near the village of Paizay-Naudouin (Charente), at the crossroads of Charente, Charente-Maritime and Deux-Sèvres, halfway between Niort and Angoulême,


The fourteenth, sixteenth and nineteenth centuries live side by side.

You will be able to discover and admire the exteriors, surrounded by moats in water, including two main houses arranged at right angles with a tower at their end.

It is a square set, isolated from the mainland by large moats filled with water and supported by walls. It is reached by two fixed stone bridges, which since the Revolution have replaced the south drawbridge and the swing bridge with two arches to the north, formerly defending access to the castle.


The entrance courtyard includes a long building of common and corner towers.

To discover at Chateau Saveilles

General view / General overview - Castle fort Charente - Castle of Saveilles - Saveille - Castle in Charente - Guided tour group - Guided family tour - Chateau nord Charente
Overview - Saveilles Castle © photo-owner
  • The prison tower, with its gunboats, to the north,
  • The big tower, with its loopholes, archers and machicolation, to the south,
  • The other two sides, north and west, of the square delimit an inner courtyard in the middle of which stands a large well,
  • And many other things to discover by visiting ...

To do

  • To take note and participate in the program of events that will take place during the year;
  • To see or review the various events that took place in Saveilles: the media library is open to you;

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