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Long live the old ones - September 12th 2021

Beautiful old vintage cars - Chateau Saveilles - Saveille - Group castle visit - Family castle visit
The beautiful old ones at chateau Saveilles - Chateau Saveilles ©photo-owner


Sunny morning to welcome rare specimens of vintage cars!


Jaguar, Salsmon, but also Morgan, automotive designer brands not always known to the public, but obviously yes to connoisseurs!


Drivers and passengers were enthusiastic about the guided tour that followed!

Nuit des châteaux, Second edition - October 24th 2020

The Night of the Chateaus - Chateau Saveilles - Saveille - Group castle visit - Family castle visit
Poster of the event "La Nuit des Châteaux", 2020 edition



For the second edition of the Nuit des Châteaux organized at the national level by the Dartagnans company, the Château de Saveilles responded and organized a night visit, by torch, of the exteriors and chapel of the castle.


Large audience and passionate about discovering the castle in a nocturnal atmosphere. 

Soap Opera, un soir d'été à Saveilles - August 7th 2020

Chateau Saveilles - Notice about Soap operato be given on August 7th 2020 - Opera Clandestin and Les amis du Château de Saveilles
Un soir d'été à Saveilles - Soap Opera, in partnership with Opera Clandestin association

Soap Opera outdoors!

You din't know what a Soap Opera is?
You came and discovered this colorful, enchanted and enchanting show, and you did not
regret it !

And if you did not know the castle of Saveilles, you could discover it during a guided tour by the owner himself who told you 7 centuries of history with passion.

Art & photography competition for amateurs - July 19th 2020

The Franco-British association "Le Coq et La Rose" invites you to a full day at the Château de Saveilles.
In the program :
- Photographic competition and painting competition on the theme: Aspects of the castle.
- Guided tour by the owner himself of the exteriors of the castle and the chapel (French and / or English)
Coffee and croissants at the opening (10 a.m.), drinks available all day, picnic from the bag.

Mass of Saint-Hubert - November 9th 2019

Chateau Saveilles ©photo-owner
Advertising - Chateau Saveilles ©photo-owner

Mass of St. Hubert at the initiative of the Great Ormeaux (Vienna) team under the arches of the barn, followed by a lunch for 100 people in the barn, then departure for a hunt fox, unsuccessful.

Nuit des Châteaux - October 19th 2019

Nuit des Châteaux - Château Saveilles
Château Saveilles by night - ©photo-Dartagnans

The "Nuit des Châteaux" (Night of the castles) organized on a national scale by the company Dartagnans.

Night visit, by torch, of the exteriors, cellar, prison and chapel of the chateau.

Fairytale spectacle, enchanted visitors!

Opéra Clandestin - August 9th 2019


Music lovers and opera singers, curious about the Charentais historical heritage, all had come together at the chateau! Opera recital given by the Compagnie de l'Opéra Clandestin.

If you like opera tunes, this was the opportunity to go there.

If you did not know the tunes of operas, it was a great opportunity to discover a form of singing and music unusual for your ears.

For those who had never participated in a guided tour of the exterior of the chateau and its chapel, trained by the owner of the premises, it was an excellent opportunity to combine heritage culture and artistic culture.

At the end of the guided tour, a pleasant moment in the park of the chateau to take a picnic.

Le Coq et La Rose - June 16th 2018

Affiche invitation Association "Le Coq et la Rose -
Le Coq et la Rose - Invitation




The Association "Le Coq & la Rose", a local association based in Paizay-Naudouin and bringing together British and French people, organized an exchange of plants in the courtyard of the chateau, under the chestnut trees.

A guided tour of the castle preceded this friendly exchange which was accompanied by the traditional "Tea time".

ENSOA (St Maixent) - Kepis ceremony - April 26th 2019

Devant le château - Chateau Saveilles ©photo-owner
Devant le château - Chateau Saveilles ©photo-owner


Welcome of the National School of Active Non-Commissioned Officers based in Saint-Maixent (Deux-Sèvres).

Some 180 student non-commissioned officers in training and their staff joined Saveilles at night, after a three to four hour night walk.

Bivouac in the wood of the park, then wake up shortly before sunrise for the ceremony of handing over the kepis, in impeccable gathering in front of the eastern facade of the castle.
After the ceremony, breakfast organized by the Army, without forgetting the croissants, under the arches of the shed. Return to Saint-Maixent in military trucks parked along the walls in the village street.


Rallye des Ormeaux - March 30th 2019

From the main courtyard of the chateau, 60 to 80 people attended or participated in the fox hunt start organized by the Paizay-Naudouin hunting association and the crew of the Great Abalone from Vienna: 5 horse riders, and many Fox Hound hunting dogs. Before the departure, a snack was given in the outbuildings of the chateau.

"Et avec votre esprit" - July 21st 2018

Concert show "Tout en assiégeant" (While besieging) by the association "Et avec votre esprit" ("And with your mind"). Slippery lecture on the soldier song at the foot of the ramparts. During the turbulent 16th century, songs were written to relate military sieges and assaults. It is a very popular news feed and a publishing phenomenon.
The "Tailleurs d'Histoire" (Tailors of History) rediscover the verve of these new songs. A speaker and two musicians brought the last fires of chivalry back to life in reviving Europe, through these earthy, beautiful and moving songs.
A sixty of spectators.
Beforehand, a guided tour of the exteriors and the chapel was offered, and a picnic option under the chestnut trees of the courtyard.


Trimuph Club of France Poitou-Charentes - March 25th 2018

Triumph TR4 cars at the stopover -  Chateau Saveilles - Saveille - Group Castle Tour - Family Castle Tour - Renaissance Castle
Triumph TR4 cars at the stopover - Chateau Saveilles ©photo-owner


Beautiful and gleaming Triumph TR4 resting in the courtyard of the castle.


It attracts the inhabitants of the village, who melt of admiration, while the members of the Triumph Club of France Poitou-Charentes Region follow with attention and passion, the comments given by the owner of the place during the guided visit.

Vieilles Roues Charentaises - April 9th 2017

Driving at a normal speed of a convoy, on a very sunny day, the Club "Vieilles Roues Charentaises" came from Angoulême to the North of Charente. The choice of the destination fell on the commune of Paizay-Naudouin, to be discovered by its members.

About thirty antique cars ( peacefully invaded the main courtyard of Chateau Saveilles after a tourist stop at the Gallo-Roman Villa of Embourie and a lunch at the Paizay-Naudouin party hall

Several drivers showed their own car exposed around the central lawn facing the Chateau. Some families of the village of Saveilles went to this demonstration at the same time colorful and noisy: horn, engine sound snoring like new in the crossing of the village of Saveilles.

A guided tour by the owner of the exteriors of the Chateau and its chapel followed, keeping the curiosity and the sustained and participative attention of the passengers of the vehicles and their drivers.

Inaugural flight of hot air balloon - July 14th 2015

Air balloon taking off - Park of Chateau Saveilles - Chateau Saveilles - Saveille - Group Castle Tour - Family Castle Tour - Renaissance Castle
Air balloon taking off - Park of Chateau Saveilles - Chateau Saveilles ©photo-P.Baudouin
In front of an excited audience of 100 watching the preparations for take off, the Association Mongolfières Charentaises, based in Angoulême, carried out its inaugural flight from the Chateau park under clear skies and a gentle North North-East breeze.

Boarded by the pilot, Manuel Drouaud and two passengers, float away and at comfortable height view the Chateau from the air, a soft landing in stubble, several kilometers later in the Charente countryside.
The ground team are there on landing. In a trice passengers and crew detach the basket and carefully fold the fabric of the balloon for the next flight from either here or elsewhere.
Back to base for a well-deserved snack after experiencing the unforgettable pleasure of a first balloon flight and the magnificent sunset.

The stop over of 3AM at Saveilles - June 21st 2015

The Stopover of the 3AM - Chateau Saveilles - Saveille - Group Castle Tour - Family Castle Tour - Renaissance Castle
The Stopover of the 3AM - Chateau Saveilles ©photo-owner



Sunday June 21st, on a sunny morning, the Association of Vintage Cars and Motorcycles Deux-Sèvres (3AM), based in Celles sur Belle (79) makes a stop at the Chateau de Saveilles.

Forty old vehicles of all types, from the 1920s to the 1990s. Youthful memories for spectators, passion for the participants!

A group of drivers and passengers listen carefully and participate during the guided tour of the history and architecture of the Chateau.

Chateau Saveilles - Saveille - Group Castle Tour - Family Castle Tour - Renaissance Castle
Stop over of 3AM - Chateau Saveilles ©photo-owner

Exhibition - Fossils & minerals - September 14th & 15th 2013

Add of exhibition of fossiles and minerals at Chateau Saveilles Chateau in Charente
Exhibition ads - Chateau Saveilles ©photo-owner



During Heritage Days, getting to know fossils and minerals of the Paleolithic and Prehistory, also old stones and history of the Chateau de Saveilles.


A chance to present to the locals and those from elsewhere an impressive collection of fossils and minerals thanks to local resident Mr. Yves Chauvigné and his long time passion. Indeed going back to his childhood and school years under the leadership of Mr. Desouche, his teacher. A passion that has never gone away.


The Amicale Charentaise de Paleontologie and Mineralogie (CMPA) of which Mr. Chauvigné is a member, showed almost a thousand beautiful examples (only a portion of the whole collection!). French fossils and minerals (inc Charente), prehistoric flints from Charente and fossils unearthed during the construction of a new TGV line in the area.

Exhibition of fossils and minerals at Chateau Saveilles  chateau in Charente
Exhibition of fossils and minerals - Chateau Saveilles ©photo-owner



Many people of all ages were able to discover the old stones and history of the Chateau presented by the lord of the manor and at the same time the wonders of the ACPM exhibition presented by members of the association and Mr. Yves Chauvigné. Appreciated by all the visitors including some tourists from New Zealand.


Apart from the pronunciation it was pleasing to discover that in science, there are many similarities between French and English!

Medieval festival - August 10th 2013

A great first for the Chateau de Saveilles with this leap in time. Bringing together nearly 600 people from 2 to 90, a family day at the Chateau with lots of activities in the courtyard and outbuilding.

A great battle between knights took place mid-afternoon. The commune events committee and local volunteers along with the Occitania group worked together to put on a good show.

"All visitors were pleasantly surprised by the charm and size of the chateau." says the blog de Villefagnan.

Watch the video on Youtube websitehere

Tour - Discovering the Ruffec Area - July 27th 2012

"... Aizecq," Wood and Stone, " guided trip to the village, its houses, its lofts, its small dry-stone huts and visits to two artisans who work with woodJuly 27th, guided tour of the Chateau de Saveilles, Paizay-Naudouin, exceptionally led by the owners, followed by a guided tour of the Gallo-Roman site at Embourie and the space dedicated to its Roman villa, August 3rd, Bioussac, guided walk of the village, church, lavoir, traditional rural buildings, bread oven, etc ... "

Source, pressCharente libre

Stop - Automobile hike - August 28th 2011

Theatre - Association Via Patrimoine - October 21st 2007

"The twelve works of Hercules" - Chateau Saveilles - Saveille - Group Castle Tour - Family Castle Tour - Renaissance Castle Chateau Saveilles ©photo-owner
"The twelve works of Hercules" at Chateau Saveilles - Chateau Saveilles ©photo-owner
On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the association Via Patrimoine, located in Angoulême, adapted choreographic representation of "The twelve Labors of Hercules" in connection with the mythological subjects that adorn the chateau de Saveilles and Marshal Turenne, converted to Catholicism by Bossuet.

Evocation of Bossuet in the court of the chapel, tour outside the castle, scenic evocation and dance in the moat, and then in the park facing east.

Stop - Harley-Davidson motocycles rally - June 22nd 2007

Stop - 5th Hiking - Car collection - "Around castles" - April 17th 2005

Group - World Youth Day - WYD PARIS 1997

Date: WYD from August 19 to 24 1997, Paris, France.
Theme: Lord, where are you staying? - Come and See (John 1:38-39)

The 1997 edition is the XIIth WYD - World Youth Day. It is a movement organized by the Roman Catholic Church.

Thanks to the
diocesan days and to the youth festival that preceded them, groups of young people went through Chateau de Saveilles. We all remember the high mass, meetings, times of prayer, joy and dynamism.