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Version française

What is it about?

This post card souvenir shows a very special aerial view of Chateau of Saveilles at the time when very old, large and high chestnut trees, about three hundred years old, cast a large shadow on the main courtyard of the castle.


Unfortunately on December 26th 1999 hurricane "Martin" blew out over the west part of France, in particular over Charente and Charente-Maritime area; these 8 chestnut trees have been pulled down by the strenghth of the wind running at nearly 170 km/h. They left bomb holes in the courtyard! 


We will wait for a very long period of time before we could see again such trees so big, so high, so marvellous!

Aerial view of Chateau Saveilles (1990)

Post card

Dimensions 10 cm x 7 cm
No writing at back

Postcard not commercially available 

Carte postale "Vue aérienne du château de Saveilles" / Postcard "Aerial view of the castle of Saveilles"

2,00 €

  • Disponible / Available
  • 3 à 5 jours de délai de livraison, à réception du règlement de la commande / 3 to 5 days delivery time, upon receipt of the payment of the order