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An unforgetable experience: visit and fly over Saveilles

You know Chateau Saveilles as seen from the ground?
Take to the skies, come and see it from the air!


Take off from the park of the Chateau! Catch the air currents during a dream trip and contemplate the splendid landscape from the air!

 Alone, in couples or with friends, enjoy the light in different seasons. At sunrise or in the evening, allow yourself to be driven for 1 hour over a breathtaking panorama.

Contact our balloonist partner for yourself or as a gift for this unforgettable experience. Fly over Saveilles and the surrounding area so rich in beautiful landscapes and monuments from simple country churches at magnificent castles!


Starting from the park of Château Saveilles, after a briefing on the progress of the flight, you can attend and participate in the preparation and inflation of the balloon. Watch the balloon inflating with air!

Then, climb up into the balloon gondola and take off gently before taking the pitc, in the company of your escort pilot, the balloonist.

Under your feet, Chateau de Saveilles, then earth and its surroundings spread the most extraordinary landscapes! At dawn to dusk like, admire the landscape of Nord-Charente and Deux-Sèvres from the sky and discover the pleasure of floating with lightness. Amazement guarranteed!

You will be welcomed to your landing by the ground crew, a drink will be served and a certificate will be issued.

The  flight time is approximately one hour from take-off site to the landing site. 


A lasting memory guaranteed!

  • The commented visit (about 60 minutes) takes place in the morning after the flight, or in the evening, before the flight.
  • Price of the commented visit for the persons participating in the flight and their companions: click here

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